congratulations and welcome to alliance4business PLACE.

In a few minutes I am going to show you how you can make over 1.4 million naira within 3 months. I have done it and all members that are up to 3 months in this team have done it.

but first what is the alliance4business about?.

VISION is a team made up of young millionaires and prospective YOUNG millionaires running with a vision of cracking global economic trends


Raising a Network of people who will bring about a network of Organizations


To Reduce Unemployment rate by teaching young minds the leverage of the 21stcentury

Creating a platform for mentor-ship

Granting individuals the time and money to fulfill their dream.


LEARNING: Those who want to earn more must learn more.

SYSTEM: We rather make 1% of 100 people’s effort than make 100% of our own effort without a system.

We believe; ‘It is not the end that justifies the means rather, it is the means that justify the end’. The secret to success in the twenty-first century is not just working hard but working smart.


I am a lifestylepreneur… that means that I do what it takes to live the life that I want to live, while giving anyone who wants to work from home, create their own schedule and write their own checks the same opportunity. My focus is on personal development, empowering others, and giving back. My strengths are teaching, blogging, sales psychology and optimism. One of my greatest passions is to teach others how to create the life that right now they are only dreaming of, and right now. I am available right now to a few who have the zeal to grow financially.

You can get my contact information from the about/contact section of this website. You can send me message on whatsapp (whatapp) at anything and I will get back to you. You can also give me a call. its best you give me a call toward evening so that I properly attend to you.

In this team, we discovered that the secret to becoming financially free in  the 21st century is not necessary working hard but working smart. having this in mind. our business model is all online based. Which means You can do it from anywhere. We have realized that every successful business follow a simple formula know as VVF which is the first thing you will learn when you join this team.

the first business model we are starting with is four corners alliance.  we chose this because it cost just $18 (4,000 naira) to start and you have the potential to make over $5,000 (over 1 million naira)  within 3 months if you follow the training we give once you register. -Noel a year three student of Unizik broke the record and did it in 2 months- .Once you register, you automatically become a member of this team and in three months you will be introduced to other business though it cost more but you would have made the money to go into it by then. at this stage, you would have made more money, gotten some level of personal development and it gets easier.

The Video presentation below introduces you to the four corners business model. But remember, that is the business, we teach you how to do it. From my long experience in online business, I have put together a training to help you, through having fun blogging and you can apply this even in other business you are into right now.



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